VJ/DJ gigs

Sirian album launch
VJ (AT, 2017)

Vienna Burning Ball
VJ (AT, 2016-17)

Avaloka: Saraswati
VJ (AT, 2016)

VJ (AT, 2016)

F.L.O.W. Festival
Avaloka Temple

VJ (AT, 2016)

Avaloka: Spring
time awakening

VJ (AT, 2016)

Kosmos Festival
VJ & DJ (FI, 2015)

Ananta Samay
VJ (AT, 2015)

World Bodypainting Festival (AT, 2014)
Performance VJ

Rehnwall open air
DJ (FI, 2013)

Trip to Goa
DJ (FI, 2013)

Kesäsiirtola VI 
VJ (FI, 2012)

DJ (FI, 2012)

Kesäsiirtola V
DJ (FI, 2011)

UV/UG (FI, NYE 2011)

Valveuni UG
VJ & DJ (FI, 2011)

Visuals and deejaying

After a start in Entropy ry, Toma was active in the Helsinki club scene during the late 2000s via Club [reiv:] and other projects. A few years later, he stared creating mixtapes on the computer. In the early 2010s, a slowly matured interest in deejaying and veejaying, coupled with an unfulfilled passion for satisfying chill-out spaces, flowered into a series of visuals-first UG chillout events with the Valveuni crew (with DJ Zzompp and VJ/DJ Indigo). One highlight of his visual career was veejaying for the performance 'LUX', conceived by Finnish artist Vesa Kivinen (artevo.fi) for the World Bodypainting Festival in July 2014.

Visually, Toma is inspired by science and nature, tapping into the stream of video coursing through the culture to produce cinematic high definition visuals, mostly for ambient and chilled beats. When playing music, psychill, temple bass, chillstep, and devotional chillout tend these days to be closest to his heart. More recently, Toma has been expanding his visual oeuvre into dancefloor-oriented audioreactive effects, notably with the Avaloka collective in Vienna
(see album by Zoi Photography below).

My first demo reel, recorded live from Resolume in 2013. Most of the clips are real footage from scientific missions, not CGI. Some stuttering due to recording via Syphon, and the video quality of the DXV codec was abysmal. I've long since moved to Apple Prores for all my visuals.

Artist profile