Mozart100 (102.5k) trail Official time: 13:13:45
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Bratislava run (72k)
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2015 VCM (42k) city
Official time: 3:32:48 
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Scenic55 (55k) trail
Official time: 5:54:50
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2014 VCM (42k) city
Official time: 3:43:06
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First long run (23k) trail
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I was seriously bit by the running bug in the Spring of 2013 after reading the exhilarating book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and with the encouragement of my friend, colleague and running partner Jani Kotakoski.  I had previously jogged for a few kilometers, the last being several years past at that time. So basically I started from scratch.

Thus I bought myself a pair of minimalist Vibram FiveFingers foot-gloves – namely, the now-discontinued Bikila LS model – and started practicing a strict forefoot strike. Before my first marathon in 2014, I moved to slightly more cushioned footwear better suited for pounding long miles on the pavement, settling on the zero-drop Saucony Kinvara 4's (which I had to throw out after more than 1000 km and the mud of Mozart 100).

I've since completed two full marathons, both in Vienna, and two trail ultramarathons: 55 km and 102.5 km, both during the Mozart100 event in Salzburg. The former was a lot of fun, the latter rather grueling due to temperatures barely above 10 C and significant rain over the entire 13-hour run. I'm not quite sure what I want to achieve next, but I think it will be less than 100 km and somewhere warm and dry (Burning Man ultramarathon?) :)