Uni Wien (2014), © Peter Rigaud

Uni Wien (2014), © Peter Rigaud

Born and raised in HelsinkiFinland, I received my doctorate from the Aalto University School of Science in 2011. I recently completed a two-year FWF Lise Meitner fellowship at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna, and am now leading my own project (HeQuCoG).

The name, Mostly Physics, has a dual meaning: not only does it describe the content, it's also a self-ironic jab at the stereotypical physicist mentality (as captured by the webcomic xkcd).

Research highlights

I have authored 27 peer-reviewed articles, mostly on heteroatom-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene. My doctoral dissertation was selected as the 2011 'Thesis of the Year' by the Finnish Association of Engineers and Architects.

My blog is mostly about explaining my research to a general audience, and viewpoints on doing science, but also occasionally featuring other interests such as open access, consciousness research, artificial intelligence, and electronic music.